The Thinking Men

Album: Queen of the Ravens (2016)

Song: Queen of the Ravens

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The Thinking Men are described as "Gritty and seductive bluesy rock", while their live performance reverberates with infectious, foot stomping anthems that serve to woo and entice the audience.

The Thinking Men have carved out somewhat of a unique sound, harking back to the swinging 60's, but with a contemporary, modern feel. Their music is built upon the hooks and melodies that make songs memorable.

Channelling inspiration from the likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, The Doors and Jack White, The Thinking Men attempt to create something entirely new and original yet with an accessible and familiar feel to complement their eccentric, unpredictable and theatrical live performances.

"We love this band and look forward to every release, such an inventive band whose exciting performances and crazy music drive real life into the music scene. The new material is awesome." - BBC Introducing Norfolk         

"One of the most original and authentic sounding bands on the scene today, brilliant." - Si Holden, Mustard TV         

"All of the band are talented musicians and the elaborate songs change tempo unpredictably, tangoing and serenading in all directions ... a brilliant show-stealing performance, well suited to the festival audience." - Cambridge Music Reviews         

"The Thinking Men are one of the most unique bands around, really carving out a niche for themselves." - Rick Lennox, Events Manager @ Open Norwich & DJ @ Future Radio    
"The Thinking Men are a genuine Rock'n'Roll band for our times, hitch a ride but best hold on tight." - Craig Fraser Hill, Tilting Sky (Promoter)         

"The sound owes more to the Bad Seeds and 60s garage rock, with the spirit of Joe Strummer being near at hand in the likes of Pied Piper and Red Devil. Big things are definitely in store for this lot. (8/10)" - Outline Magazine         

"They have a strong image, play songs well and are a band who must be good to market, they are clearly a band with ambition, drive and are a package who could do well. Hard working and professional act."